how to rap  

Learn how to rap better and how to rap fast!

Rap Fundamentals was created to offer a high-quality and affordable solution to the problems facing todays aspiring emcees.

Though initially we were behind the fastest growing emcee improvement site on the net, we noticed that what was really needed was a complete package to give those who want to learn how to rap better the straightforward information they deserve.

Users can expect to learn how to rap fast, how to rap better in general and develop a rap style, how to overcome writers block, how to make a rap from scratch and formulate better rhymes, how to properly record vocals, how to make a rap demo, how to effectively promote your music and more.

More than just a how to rap book, The Rap Fundamentals course is an in-depth, step-by-step guide of 170 pages including audio and visual aids, bonus beats and more.

how to rap        Learn how to rap now!       how to rap

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